Modern Open Kitchen Laminate Flooring Chair Kitchen Cabinet Sliding Glass Door Design

Minimalist-Casual Design Apartment

This casual apartment design that placed in Russia implements simplicity in its architectural design. This apartment is suitable for someone who has simple personality. If we look from the most common things until the most detailed thing, this apartment has no complexity in its design. The interior design is too simple. It is also dominated by natural color inside. Maybe, the only thing that has detailed pattern is the furniture…

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Simple Modern House Back Yard Facade Design

Gorgeous Lodge Design Idea; Lodge No 2 in Sweden

I believe that having a nice lodge design would become a great privilege for anybody. As we all know that now we are all facing space problem and beautiful lodge design is right now just a dream for everybody. So, if you ware including into few chosen people that have the privilege to have a gorgeous lodge design, I think you have to be grateful for that privilege. Now there…

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Modern Kitchen Wooden Material Kitchen Island Ideas

Sparkling Kitchen Design Idea

One of the busy places at home is the kitchen. Beside of its busiest place, the kitchen is also considered to be the place that is not neat. Nevertheless, this sparkling kitchen design seems like reject all of the bad assumptions of the kitchen. The architectural design is so wonderful. It reminds me of wonderland in animation world. No wonder if this kitchen design may be well-known in household. Classy…

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Wooden Room Decorative Apartment Remodelling

Stunning Modern Interior Apartment in Singapore

Talk about the apartment design of course in most apartment design in this world used modern interior. Some people said that modern design is very simple and practice and then many people are choosing modern design for the interior design of their apartment. Modern Interior Apartment in Singapore Related to this situation, when you want your apartment looks futuristic you have to use modern design for your interior and then…

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Elegant Open Kitchen Laminate Flooring Dining Table Kitchen Cabinet Design

Creative Apartment Design Ideas in Spain

Long time we see many apartment design ideas that only matches for adult taste. The elegant apartment design, luxurious apartment design, minimalist apartment design are one of adult taste in apartment. Refreshing apartment design that matches for youth is very rare. Nevertheless, there is one of it in Spain. I think the Architect were so creative. I love how this apartment shows its beauty in a different way that matches…

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Modern Living Room Arch Lamp Fur Rug Sofa Cushion Chair Wooden Floor Design

Colorful Hotel of QT Gold Coast

QT Gold Coast is a charming hotel that designed by Nic Graham, a small architectural firm in Australia. The hotel is located in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The interior design is eye-catching and unique, showing the view of cheerful kindergarten. QT Gold Coast website said that “If food, wine, music, design, fashion and art are your thing, QT Gold Coast is the place for you. Walk in to our Surfers…

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Simple Dining Room Dining Table Chair Design Ideas

Refreshing Hotel View: Zash Country Boutique Hotel

Zash Country Boutique Hotel is a fascinating hotel designed by Italian Architects, Antonio Iraci. The boutique hotel is located in Giarre, Italy. Giarre is a town on the east coast of Sicily. Sicily itself is well known for the beauty landscape. The presence of Mount Etna and the sea are the best combination of beautiful nature in Sicily. Surrounded by vineyard, the boutique hotel serves a view of a postcard-photograph….

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Simple Dining Room Chair Wooden Floor Dining Table Design

The Lovely Apartment of Old Growth

Old Growth is a short-term rental apartment that has standard minimum of stay for 7 days. The apartment is located in Soho, Manhattan, New York. As we know, Soho is well known for florescent neighborhood with fashionable boutiques and high-end shops. Also, the private residence in Soho is well known for its beauty and luxury. Therefore, living in Soho is such a right choice for showing classy style. The apartment…

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Elegant Stairs Banister Design Ideas

Minimalist Home Design by Kariouk Associates

This minimalist home design is named Westboro Home. It is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Westboro Home is a project of Kariouk Associates, a Canadian architectural firm. The project was started on 2011 and it has completed on 2013. The project task involves “creating a light-filled, single family home while simultaneously maintaining a sense of privacy within”. The home has minimalist interior design while the interior has the blend of…

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Modern Living Room Pendant Lamp Dining Table Laminate Flooring Sofa Ideas

Comfortable Design of Penthouse Apartment in New York City

This apartment that placed in New York City was so intriguing. The penthouse apartment design has its own beauty. The apartment has many appliance and furniture design inside, but it is okay since it has neat furniture arrangement. This penthouse apartment has floor-to-ceiling window design that makes us can enjoy the whole town view. I tell you more about this penthouse apartment below. Penthouse Apartment Architectural Design Ideas This penthouse…

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