Modern Open Kitchen Dining Room Kitchen Cabinet Dining Table Kitchen Island Pendant Lamp Kitchen Table Chair Design

Beautiful Panoramic View of Sweden Villa

Located on the Yxlan island in Sweden, Sweden villa has been really fascinating. Sweden villa or Villa Wallin (that is how the Architects called it) is a masterpiece of Erik Andersson Architects. Villa Wallin design is perfect with accurate approximation in every detail. The villa has length about 18 meters, depth about 6 meters, and height about 6 meters. Villa Wallin has sloping roof design that seems like classic homes…

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Simple Modern Bathroom Shower Washstand Mirror Design

Comfortable Home Office in West Jakarta, Indonesia

This comfortable home office is called Split House. Envisioned by TWS & Partners, Split House combines two important aspects, the comfortable workspace and a nice house. It is really fascinating if we can feel our office becomes home. Split House has stunning exterior design which is dominated by white and it has elegant interior design which is dominated by assorted color. Split House: The Beauty of Exterior and Interior Design…

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Modern Living Room Laminate Flooring Sofa Chair Bookshelf Design

Beautiful Golden Ratio Apartment in Soho

Golden Ratio is a name of beautiful apartment that located in Soho, Lower Manhattan, New York. This apartment is precisely located in Spring Street 2. Golden Ratio is kind of short-term rental apartment with standard minimum stay for 3 nights. This apartment can accommodate 3 until 6 people. The apartment is only few minutes away from the city’s most fashionable boutiques, restaurants, and galleries. Golden Ratio Apartment: Wide and Warm…

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Modern Bedroom Laminate Flooring Fur Rug Chair Galss Wall Design

Sustainable Design LM House in New York, USA

LM House in New York is well-known because of its eco-friendly home design. Most of the building material use wood and glass. It does not use concrete wall just like the other house, but it uses glass wall instead. The glass wall is composed by tempered glass. So, it will more secure for children. At first glance, it looks like a showcase. The inner side of house can be seen…

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Modern Fireplace Laminate Flooring Marble Wall Pendant Lamp Design

Eco-friendly Home Design in South Dakota

Have you ever heard ‘back to nature’ concept? This concept seems like well-known these days. Most of the material are implemented this concept. Not only the material, but also the home design. These days we can see many developers competing to build eco-friendly home design. This review will tell you a bit about one of eco-friendly home design that designed by Knowles Blunck Architecture in South Dakota. Architectural Design of…

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Modern Balcony Wooden Floor Beautiful View Ideas

Comfortable Resort on Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Envisioned by Chris Beckingham, this comfortable resort design has hypnotized many people. This resort has given rise to harmony, freedom, and openness for its visitor. We know that Great Barrier Reef that located on Australia has been really famous. It has beautiful landscape at all. Offering the Coral Sea wonderful view, this resort is one of the best destination for spending our holiday. Architectural Design of Resort on Great Barrier…

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Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen Design Olaya House With Lovely Natural Design And Beautiful Kitchen Island And With Unique Glass Cabinet And Bar Stool Design

The Beauty of Serenity in Olaya House, Columbia

Olaya House is a residential project that inspired by serenity. The project was handled by David Ramirez in 2011. The house is located in Columbia precisely near the second biggest city in Columbia, Medellin. The house is built with focused on the outdoor landscaping. It emphasizes the tenants for enjoying the outdoor. Besides of inspired by the serenity, the house is also inspired by organic home plans. So, it is…

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Minimalist Kitchen Design Idea Bar Stool

Minimalist Kitchen Design Idea

Minimalist Kitchen Design is a good thing for some people. Meanwhile, the luxurious kitchen design is a nice thing for other people. For me, both are good depend on every taste. One of the minimalist kitchen that has good view is the kitchen that designed by Piet Boon. Here are some reviews about the kitchen. Minimalist Kitchen Design: The Interior and Furniture Design Ideas The Kitchen Interior Design is so…

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Elegant Kitchen Marble Wall Bar Stool Sofa Cushion Table Design

Futuristic Kitchen Design Idea

This gorgeous kitchen design was made for a family in Moscow. At a gaze, the kitchen decoration looks so complicated. Nevertheless, it is unique. We can guarantee if this kitchen may be the only one kitchen that has this unique design idea. This kitchen will be too difficult to be copied. But, it is the uniqueness. The Architect was so great to have this kitchen inspiration. Contemporary Kitchen Design: Furniture…

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Rustic Living Space Design Casa RO In Guadalajara With Brown Wooden Table And Arm Chair Design And Lovely Simple Rustic Living Space Design

Casa RO Remodel: The Blends of Old Design into New Design

At first, Casa RO was built in traditional design in 60’s. But, it then remodeled due to the owner’s request. The owner wanted to change the old architecture of the home with bright warm home. The home then was enlarged and transformed into modern home design. The home has rectangular shaped exterior with straight lines from vertical wood siding decor for exterior. The architect was kept the originality of the…

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