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Futuristic Retro Sink And Retro Free Standing Bathtub Also Brown Wood Floor

Modern Elegant House Design in Cheerful Atmosphere

Have you ever imagine the appearance of the elegant house design which has cheerful atmosphere? It will be unique and unusual house. Modern home is so common. So, the unique and unusual home is chosen by the people. Here, you can see the project designed by Nikolay Tsupikov. It is Retro-Futurism project. This project is showed through interior and exterior house pictures. Do you feel curious to see it? What…

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Panoramic Dining Room With Minimalist Dining Furniture And Decorative Pendants And Neon Ceiling Lighting

Modern Beautiful Interior Designs for Creating Comfortable Sensation

This house has some beautiful interior designs in the rooms. They are modern furniture designs. The project which can be an example for this house concept is Forest House. It is designed by McClellan Architects. This project has modern rooms inside the house. Even, this home is created in the middle of the trees. It creates comfortable sensation to this house. Do you interest in this house? If yes, let’s…

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Amazing Contemporary Chalet With Mesmerizing Bathroom Design In Grey Theme Bathtub And Washstand With Mirror Backsplash Glass Shower Partition Plus Beautiful Lighting

Best Ski Resort with Modern View

Nowadays, you can enjoy the wonderful decoration of Ski Resort with the warm decoration in all spaces. It is having the ski chalet space with the ski out and also ski in with the modern space. This is one of the most amazing design of ski resort with the private space. Most of the people are interested to visit this place with the family and also friend in order to…

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Amazing Contemporary Home Interior Design With Elegant White Theme Living Room Cozy Sofa And Beautiful Home Decoration Plus Cool Rug

Beautiful Garden Project with Modern Architect

The exotic decoration of garden project is located in Cape Town in where you can have the natural space with the interior model of design. You can now enjoy the neutral palette with the residential space. It is mostly dominated by white color that would make the warm interior space with the natural sense. It is becoming one of the best design with the minimalist architecture with the modern interior…

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Beautiful Bathroom Decor With White Bathtub And Large Window With The Blind

Modern Home Design with Indoor Koi Pond

There is a house in Cairn hill Road, Singapore, that has a beautiful modern home design. Look at how beautiful the exterior of the house which dominated with white color. This house actually is an old style house, but the professional architect redecorated it into a beautiful modern house. This house is big enough with the car garage at the first floor. If you want to get into the house,…

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Two Way Fireplace For Room Divider

New Era White Home Decor with Fresh Outdoor

Now, we will give you the appearance of the white home decor from House R&L project. We will show you the exterior and interior house pictures from this picture. For your information, this project is designed by CKX Architecten. This great house is built in Netherlands. This page will increase your house plan through these pictures here. Let’s see these pictures right now to get more information. Let’s see these…

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The Light Exposure From Thr Foating Stairs With White Wall Color Paint

Luxurious Modern Residence Design with Green Area

There are many interesting thing that can be applied in that Modern Residence Design because it is finished with the green area in the front area. The front area of that house design is very interesting because the front area of the house design is finished with the material made from concrete as well. Material of concrete is applied in the outdoor wall panel of that house design. The outdoor…

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Modern Marble Wall Ideas

Open Air Pavilion in Texas

This open air pavilion is well-known by name Story Pool House. We called it open air pavilion because it has good air circulation. Without covered by wall, the Story Pool House shows how it looks merge with the nature. The Architects Lake Flato was very good at designing this pavilion. The pavilion design will make the guest feel comfortable and relaxed. Story Pool Pavilion: Beautiful Design in Beautiful Nature Story…

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Artistic Wall Brick Walls White Bed Open Bedroom Design For Small Room Design

Comfort Design to Make You Enjoy the Moment in Your Room

Do you want to set your room in comfort design? There are so many ways to make your home interior looks comfort, but now you will see how comfort the house design of Casa Cor Rio. Casa Cor Rio is the biggest event of architectural and design in Rio de Jenairo. This is an idea that can make your house become comfort and you can use it for your reference….

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Modern House Facade Back View Design Ideas

The simple but amazing beach house

This beach house design has unique façade, consistent with its surrounding view. This house has good lighting because this house has dominated by white color. Besides, there is wide window and wide glass door that letting sunlight to come in. There is open sunroom that gives chance for its owner to enjoy the landscape. The living space is designed with décor that made from stones. Moreover, the living space is…

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