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Purple Dining Area With Lovely Chair Design And Pendant Lamp

Super Modern Home with Spacious Room and Elegant Atmosphere

In this two story modern home with basement you will see nothing less of beautiful modern home. Actually the house is located among the woods and wants to have beautiful outdoor scenery but still prefer to have modern home furniture to complete their modern life needs. Being in modern home design will allow you to feel the simple and sleek furniture which is selected carefully to meet the requirement of…

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Amazing Contemporary Home Interior Design With Gym Inside The House Surrounding By Wide Clear Glass Wall And Grey Marble Floor Plus Beautiful Black Display Lamp

Beautiful Exotic Home with Minimalist Design

The modern design of exotic home has the minimalist approach with the detached house decoration. It is located in West London in where you would see the complete decoration with the modern and also old architecture approach. Many people are interested to enjoy this decoration since it has the new building idea design with the stunning property approach. This is one of the best decoration with the five store spaces…

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Great Contemporary Home Interior Design With Stunning Modern Kitchen Room In Beautiful White And Silver Theme Plus Cool Decoration Nice Pendant Lamp Also Long Bench Otherwise Barstool

Brilliant Modern House Design Idea for Maximum Personal Touch

Other than modern house design, people would want to get relaxation feeling from any house they live in. Therefore, it is important to build outdoor setting as people can enjoy the exquisite scenery right from their backyard. Swimming pool is one of most common ideas to serve people with calming atmosphere and thus get peaceful mind. Large swimming pool should then be combined with wooden deck area. Prepare wooden table…

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Modern Bathroom Wall Light Washstand Mirror Design

Tropical House in Alibaug, India

India has been known as tropical country because of its tropical climate. Unwittingly, this gives an effect to its house design. India residence uses tropical house design. One of the tropical houses in India is Anish Amin House. Anish Amin House is located on Alibaug, India. This house is a project of Indian Architects Atelier dnD in 2011. The Anish Amin House takes combination of outdoor and indoor concept. The…

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Wood Placqued Staircase Wooden Interior Decoration Ideas

Ergonomic Home with Semi Minimalist Design Wrapped in Stone and Wood

One of Efficient home design projects that we can see is Hewitt Avenue Home in Canada. This home is designed by Altius Architecture. This house is different with some houses near this house because there are green technologies that are used in small house design. This house combines stone and also wood that will create semi minimalist interior design. Wood will give warm and protection in this house. The use…

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Elegant Bedroom Table Lamp Arm Chair Table Design

Traditional Nandana Resort in Bahamas Island

Located on Bahamas Island, Nandana Resort gives beautiful landscape and place for relaxation. Surrounding by blue sea water, Nandana Resort in Bahamas Island sounds good for spending summer holiday. Nandana Resort seems like paradise in earth. It gives you the view of beautiful creature and natural design. All building in Nandana Resort use natural material, such as copper and teak woods. The Architects, de Reus Architects, has been really great…

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Interesting Home Interior Design With Simple Workspace At The Attic And White Table Wooden Chair Plus Painted Metal Guardrails

Enchanting Traditional Ranch House Idea for Living Place in County

For people who live in county area, then it is most common to live inside traditional ranch house. The overall design is actually simple and in minimalism. Different to contemporary designed house, which has flat rooftop style, and then this ranch house would have 45 degrees styled one. The color of roof tiles depends solely on exterior walls. But for some people they may choose to apply totally contrast style…

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Beautiful Home Exterior Design With Green Garden On The Backyard Plus Wide Basin On The Pond As Great Decoration

Elegant Home Decoration with Simple Architecture

The best design of home decoration is seen in Perth, Australia in where you would be able to see the perfect residence decoration with the stunning residence style. It has the modern interior approach with the easy elegance. This building has the simple yet elegant touch in all spaces of its space. The whole interior designs are applying the minimalist style that can somehow make this place to become one…

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Walk In Closet Cushion Sofa Design

Simple but Classy Home Design

The Bedroom Architectural Design of Hilary Unger Masterpiece This home emphasizes simple theme home design from beyond view. The main room was built on top of pre-existing home. There is wooden staircase that connecting the main room and pre-existing home. The staircase is equipped with steel banister that has gold-like color giving simple but classy style impression. Even though this home looks simple outside, but it is really luxurious inside….

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Elegant Living Room Design With Wooden Element On Floor Wall And Ceiling Completed With Cozy Couch Wooden Side Table Arch Lamp Beautiful Rug Also Interesting Home Decoration

Inspiring Depot Houses Brighten Up Your Life

Hey, come and have a look in to our lovely exploration about a depot house design which is located in Bantam, Connecticut, in the United States. Built in two level designs, this house is trying to bring more natural elements inside the house, and combine with modern architecture. Make sure you will check some lovely photos we uploaded below that will add more detail about this house in under this…

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