All in one bedroom design by Egue Y Seta

Modern Bedroom Sofa Carpet Cushion Wall Light Table Ideas

This home is amazingly beautiful, especially the main room design. The main room has all in one theme which is mixed two or three space functions in one space. There are bedroom, bathroom, and lounge room combination in this main room. The main room has a unique bed design. The color is black and it has a unique pattern of quilt. It also has soft fur blanket on the bed. Even almost all of the furniture in this room use dark color. It does not mean that the room will look like dreary. The lighting is good enough for balancing color combination to this room. The lighting of this bedroom is provided by a few wall lights around.

One corner of this room is designed for entertaining the owner. It has medium size television and a LED lamp that giving artistic design idea. There is wooden partition behind the bed that limited space between bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom design is so simple. It just has one en suite shower room and one toilet that limited by toughened glasses. There is unique furniture design in bathroom. It is the wooden hook that created for resembling the trunk. The other side of room gives other landscape. It gives a view of banquette nook design. There is large table that equipped by two unique bar stools, too simple but nice enough for keeping the elegant side of this room.

This room is also equipped with a lounge. It is placed near of the bed. There is one cozy sofa and a few fur cushions on it. There is also mini size table that looks alike with table near of the bedroom, but the table in lounge has bigger size than table in bedroom.

This main room design idea is incredible. This room as if shows “all for one and one for all” design. Sleeping, eating, showering, and entertaining side can be found in this room.

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