Amsterdam Four Stars Fletcher Hotel

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The Amsterdam Fletcher Hotel has unique, extravagant exterior and interior design. With four stars rating, the Amsterdam Fletcher Hotel offers us with the beauty architectural design in urban city. The hotel is officially opened to public on 11 January 2013. Since it is a new hotel, it is really good to get four stars rating. The Architects, Kolenik eco-chic-design, is really good at combining sustainable materials. We can feel both luxury, and eco-friendly design in this hotel.

Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam: Four-Stars Rating

The Fletcher Hotel Design uses eco-friendly design that matches for all-type guest. This hotel has special room for the smokers in 19th floor. The hotel restaurant bar is designed futuristic with the integration of chandeliers design. The chandeliers have four meters high and nine meters wide and this is placed above the restaurant bar. So, it seems reasonable if this hotel restaurant so-called “Sky Restaurant Pi” because of its fantastic roof. The restaurant bar is placed in the wine cellar. We can see hundreds of wine bottle in the wall, if we pass this restaurant bar. The hotel lounge has unique showpiece. It is the Whaletone, a piano that has whale-body design. The guestroom design is simple enough. It is filled by coffee table, luxurious bedding, washbasin, and small en-suite shower room.

Modern Style Amsterdam Fletcher Hotel

The modern four-star hotel in Amsterdam is really fantastic. Looking at the pictures and adoring how good the architectural design are not enough, you have to look it and prove it directly in Amsterdam.

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