Biancamaria Apartment

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Biancamaria Apartment is an artistic design apartment that was designed by Paulo Frello & Partners. The apartment is located in Milan, Italy. The apartment measures 230 square meters or equivalent with 2476 square feet. Paulo Frello said this apartment is a choice for style that located in the middle of the ancient and modern. As we quote from the Paulo Frello website, “The project of furniture is functional, with elements harmonized to the shape of the internal volume, making easy the use of the spaces.”

Biancamaria Apartment: The Convenience of Living

Biancamaria apartment offers the convenience of the living. The apartment architectural design fits for the art lovers. All rooms in this apartment are designed with the great masterpiece. The entrance door is designed to be the main door that has direct access to the all of the environment in living area. The living room is large and it is designed facing the dining room. Also, the living room has direct access to the reading corner featuring bookshelf and TV. The kitchen is filled with the unique pattern designed. It features kitchen island and wood floating shelf. Also, it features banquette with bar stools and small dining table. The kitchen backsplash is designed with unique tile that same as the kitchen floors. The dining room is designed with beautiful marble floor design. The kitchen features round dining table with granite table tops, soft chairs, and wine & wine glass cabinets.

Biancamaria Apartment: Modern Art in Beautiful Apartment

Biancamaria Apartment is art in an apartment. Try to visit it in Milan and you will find yourself amazed.

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