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Cool White Shoe Cabinet In White Wall For Small Flat Decor

Extraordinary the Box House in Small Space

Matryoshka is the box house that located in Turin, Italy. This house is a project from UdA, Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa. The two designers were trying to design a complete living place in small box shape house. With minimalist design, modern furniture, and saving space concept, the designers are success to design this house. That picture is showing you the living room of the house. The box house design…

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Elegant Living Room Interior Design With Cozy Sofa Simple Cushion And Wooden Furniture Tv Console Table Tabletop Laminate Floor Plus Elegant Stand Floor Lamp Concrete Ceiling Also Picture

Chic Apartment Interior with Modern Twist in Kiev

When it comes from apartment interior, we want something that can blow our mind. Thank goodness we live in the world where the designers offer everything possible to make our dream comes true. Don’t doubt what they can do for you, from furniture selection, lighting items, energy efficient systems, and anything more; they would make you happy with the finishing touch. Here I have some pictures of the loveliest apartment…

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Awesome Bedroom In White Interior Design Ideas With Beautiful Bedsheet Pillow Display Light And Recessed Light Wide Glass Window Green Backyard View Marble Floor

Amazing Beautiful Home with Broad Nature View

Wide, brilliant an amazing are three words that fit this beautiful home. The house is located in wide area with beautiful nature surrounding. The massive glass windows use making the house look seemingly transparent. In the noon and night you can see the bright light comes from the indoor lighting. The beautiful house design is to cherish the natural environment in the surrounding. This is a two story house with…

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Relaxing Bedroom With Retro Bedplatform And Wall Mounted Night Lamps

Modern Beautiful Interior Designs for Creating Comfortable Sensation

This house has some beautiful interior designs in the rooms. They are modern furniture designs. The project which can be an example for this house concept is Forest House. It is designed by McClellan Architects. This project has modern rooms inside the house. Even, this home is created in the middle of the trees. It creates comfortable sensation to this house. Do you interest in this house? If yes, let’s…

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Cozy White Interior Design Living Room With Cozy Sofa Cushions Glass Window Glass Door Bigscreen Flat Tv Beautiful Table Display Light Simple Sound System Unique Interior Wall Tabletop

Astonishing Contemporary Interior Design with Sleek and Clean Lines

If looking at first sight of this beautiful home, you might wonder what kind of contemporary interior design this house has. That is a common curiosity because the house is already looking amazing from the outside. Located in the land of nearly 350 meter square, the house looks majestic and is surrounding with beautiful environment. Not only beautiful but the house also functional and is concern about the disabled since…

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Beautiful Modern Dark Bathroom Ideas With Rustic Sliding Glass Door And Rustic Wood Flooring

Classic Contemporary Kitchen in the Residence

The contemporary residence is usually has the contemporary kitchen as well. The kitchen is one of the important places in the house, so the design for the kitchen is important too. In the residence in Barcelona, Spain, there is a contemporary house that has a problem with the kitchen design. So, the owner asks Nook Architects to design the kitchen and Nook Architects come out with the Casa ROC project….

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Dark Steel Handrail And Wood Palette Flooring For Natural Home Accent

Private L-Shaped House Surrounded by Nature Environment

There is a private L-shaped house called La Sentinelle, located near Lac de la Cabane Lake, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Canada. This house was designed by Naturehumaine; this house offers a beautiful view from nature environment and forest around the house. The main point of this house is the unique shape, the L-shaped, and the nature environment from the house. People will get relax atmosphere if they’re living on this house. Look at…

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Interesting Home Interior Design With Indoor Garden In The Main Living Space Area And Glass Wall Plus Spotlight And Wooden Wash Stand

Incredible Home Design in 9×9 Experimental House

The idea of home design in this era is about consideration on giving back to nature. Nature conscious building gained high popularity among the interior designer. It’s like everyone wants to have connection with nature environment and they’re expressing it on the interior design. Related to these pictures, here is a private residence called 9×9 Experimental House located in Gyeounggi-do, South Korea. The designer behind this lovely residence is Studio…

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