Charming Kitchen bar Shows up Fun and Elegant Atmosphere at the Kitchen

Contemporary Bright Blue Kitchen With Bar For One And Bar Stool

It becomes more and more that kitchen bar takes important role in the kitchen. It becomes inseparable part of the kitchen island and makes a great kitchen decor that will appeals to your guest. The kitchen bar shows that with kitchen island that is used for preparing foods is also available for entertaining your guest by placing tall dining chairs or bar stools.

You would not deny the charms of this kitchen bar design will immediately attract attention with its vivid color. This modern kitchen bar is look smashing with neutral shades modern kitchen. The wooden kitchen bar with yellow counter tops makes simple and fun appearance. You can complete it with contemporary bar stool with chrome plated pedestal that you can adjust the height. Aside of having yellow kitchen bar you also can choose orange kitchen bar that is elevated from the usual kitchen island height and gives bar atmosphere with bar stools.

If wooden kitchen bar is your choice then you will not regret this. In this modern Asian kitchen, the dark wooden kitchen bar is completed with white padded contemporary seats. It looks cozy and welcoming for everyone who stays in here. If most kitchen bar which is elevated from the kitchen island is totally attached, but this modern kitchen bar gives differs design with providing a cut between the kitchen island and the elevated kitchen bar which gives wider sense of the kitchen.

You can give your kitchen simple sleek modern kitchen bar but you also can give modular kitchen bar with chunk wood table top. Complete it with restaurant bar stool which gives you really restaurant feels. You also can combine the wood character with industrial bar stools and make a charming appearance. Having metal kitchen bar give you modern and edgy look which also make this place a sophisticated area in the house. You can look more kitchen bar design ideas from below photo gallery.

Contemporary Chunky Bar Design Using Natural Wood

Contemporary White Kitchen Bar With Bar Stool

Contemporary White Marble Island With Wooden Bar Stools

Contemporary Wooden Kitchen Bar Design With Bar Sttol

Lovely Colorful Yellow Kitchen Bar With Bar Stool

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