Clash of Traditional and Contemporary Architectural Design on Canada Villa

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My first impression to this villa is this villa seems like diamond. It has beautiful lighting design that similar with a diamond. The villa is designed with the blend of traditional-contemporary villa design. Sometimes it serves a view of traditional design beauty and another time is serves a view of contemporary design beauty. The outdoor view has detailed design. The outdoor pool design has contemporary detail when the footpath has traditional detail using stack of stones. The Architect is really good because he does not want to leave the unique of traditional design in the modern design era.

The Architectural Design of Canada Villa

The Canada villa has amazing architectural design. The villa has six bedrooms, open kitchen, social zone, comfortable pavilion, six bathrooms, beautiful outdoor pool, and both outdoor and indoor fire pit. This villa is located on mountain. So, it is not a new thing if it uses floor-to-ceiling window design. I think it is good since we can enjoy the mountain landscape from the window and we can enjoy the fresh air from there. For me, the most interesting part in this villa is the staircase and banquette nook. I love how the Architect combines wood-metal-glass material for the staircase. It makes the staircase looks luxury. The dining room has inspiring design. It uses round table with cutlery sets on it and it uses crystal chandelier for its lighting design.

The Night View of Canada Villa

The night view in this villa is so beautiful. I love how the outdoor pool views in night. It looks like the pool is the hidden diamond at all. The furniture placement, lighting design, and both exterior and interior home design are fantastic. If you want to know about it more, you can view the Canada villa photos below.

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