Classic Contemporary Kitchen in the Residence

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The contemporary residence is usually has the contemporary kitchen as well. The kitchen is one of the important places in the house, so the design for the kitchen is important too. In the residence in Barcelona, Spain, there is a contemporary house that has a problem with the kitchen design. So, the owner asks Nook Architects to design the kitchen and Nook Architects come out with the Casa ROC project.

Look at the picture! That is the contemporary kitchen with aluminum design. The kitchen’s cupboard, the fridge, the grill, the sink, the freezer, and the hob are using aluminum and silver colors. To make the kitchen looks more interesting; the designers put some pots with small plants above the cupboard of the kitchen. It makes the kitchen looks fresher, greener, and more colorful. The floors of the kitchen are marble floors with kind of traditional patterns. The ceilings are white wooden ceilings. The designers put a black director chair, a small wooden chair, a small circle-shaped wooden table, and a small circle-shaped rattan chair.

In the corner of the kitchen, there is a small space that looks like the small dining room with small table and small chairs. The classic brown marbles on that side are match with the white walls and white windows. The designers put some decorations such as a plant, a unique standing lamp, and a duck doll. On the other corner, there is also a small space that contains a pink chair, a plant, a unique black lamp, and a duck doll. This space is also using classic pattern floors, white wooden ceilings, and white windows.

There is a big cabinet that used as the plant’s cabinet near the kitchen. There is also an additional bathroom near the kitchen. The designers are using modern furniture, bold colors, and also colorful decorations in one room. Even though it looks like unique kitchen, but still the contemporary kitchen design is the main design of this kitchen.

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