Contemporary Connected House in Modern Design

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There is a unique house that using connected house concept, this house called Borreraig House. This house is located in Glendale, Scotland, United Kingdom. The designers from Dualchas Architects have designed this house inspired by traditional Scottish blockhouse that using the same concept. The house consist of two houses that connecting each other. This house has simple design, located in great place with heritage environment, and offers beautiful scenery from the blue sea.

Look at the picture! From far away, you might think that the house is like a small complex consists of two houses. But, when you come in to the house, you will see connected house design with contemporary design and wooden materials. The exterior design of the house was using grey wooden materials from walls to gable rooftop. The wooden paths are surrounding the house, and in the outer part is the stone wall that the height of approximately one meter.

Contrast with the exterior design, the interior design of the house was using more soft and elegant light brown contemporary design. The interior walls and ceilings are using light brown wooden color and material, while the floors are using dark brown plaid marble floors. This house has two volumes, the first volume is the main living place and the other one is the private place. The first volume contains living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room. The living room has two white sofas, two classic black sofas, one and triangular glass table. This room has unique standing lamp, dear head wall decoration, and two big windows that facing the sea view.

The kitchen and the dining room are near the living room. The dining room has wooden theme with the wooden dining table and wooden chairs. The elegant hanging lamps are above the table. Meanwhile, the kitchen is using elegant black theme for all furniture in the kitchen. The bedrooms in other volume are using the same design from the first volume. The bedrooms only contain a white bed and some wooden chairs. Since its private, you can’t enjoy connected house view from the second volume.

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