Contemporary Home Design in the Middle of Rural Area

Big Glass Window House Design Luxury House Ideas In New Zealand

Living in rural area makes you feel comfort especially when you are living in a contemporary home design. Modern meets natural is a great combination of life. In Martinborough, New Zealand, you can see contemporary house in rural area. This house concept is the smart house plan because the construction fits with the undulate conture in Martinborouh. Now let us see the detail information about this modern house that located in the middle of rural area.

From afar, you can see a beautiful combination color between green grass, blue sky, and the yellow house. You will know there is something special about this contemporary home design idea. The exterior of the house is so simple dominated with yellow color an also grey stone color. If you want to enter the house, then you should slide the sliding glass door. The idea about the slliding glass door is so perfect because it can enhance the modern value of this house.

You can see the view around you from every room in this house. That is why the architect using sliding glass door and frameless glass windows around the house. Actually, this house is small enough. When you step inside you can see a wooden dining table near the modern fireplace. The wooden dining table looks sturdy and bold with six wooden chairs. Near the dining table, you can see kitchen bar set with the sink. You can see one comfort armchair in the corner of the room near the dining table.

What about the bedroom design? You can see a comfort bedroom design in this house. One thing that makes you feel comfort is the glass window on the left of the bed position. You can see how beautiful the view surrounding through the window. This house truly shows you about contemporary home living concept in the middle of rural area.

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