Dazzling One Blocks Residence Plans: For Simple And Dynamic Style

Amazing Home Exterior Design Ideas With Beautiful Facade Using Wide Glass Sliding Door And Wooden Material Plus Natural Stone In Great Landscape

You want to do some renovating projects for your home, or maybe getting the first residence plans? You come to the right place then, because we are the best architecture web which will bring you in to some of our home design exploration. Before, we already deliver some ideas of modern home design which is built in two levels or even three levels, but now we are glad to show you one level home design, completed with photos uploaded below this text.

This residence plans design is built in Quito Canton, Ecuador. This home is built in spacious nature area, which is covered by green grass and green forest in its surrounding, and warm blue sky as the natural roof. There is a spacious open plan design room, that is arranged by a bold living room, dynamic dining room, and also dazzling functional kitchen. There is also one pair colorful rug in traditional style and classical patterns that are applied. Sliding door which is built of transparent glass and framed by bold door frame that is made of wood material.

You can make this room alive, by taking few couples of floral vasts and green plants as one of decoration items inside the amazing ouse. When many other design is selected transparent glass facades as the cover of their home design, this house try to combine some classical style that can be seen as its exterior facades with modern pattern. But this material is still used, only for doors and windows. This house is well combined with the nature in its surrounding, it is like perfect hiding.

For the lighting, fluorescent lamps is injected in its ceiling, but with two different shape, buls and square lamp. Make sure you will not miss the time to pay a look into this modern residence plans that we inserted below.

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