Extraordinary the Box House in Small Space

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Matryoshka is the box house that located in Turin, Italy. This house is a project from UdA, Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa. The two designers were trying to design a complete living place in small box shape house. With minimalist design, modern furniture, and saving space concept, the designers are success to design this house.

That picture is showing you the living room of the house. The box house design is using simple design. This house contains living room, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom. The designers using minimalist design for the living room. They just put three sofas, and some decorations such as unique standing lamp, and small wooden tables. The walls in this room are covered by white fabric, while the floors are in black color. The kitchen and the dining room are become one in one area. The kitchen appliance is using light grey color, and the kitchen cabinet is using wooden design. The dining room is simple one rectangular wooden table and two small white chairs.

Next is the laundry room. The laundry room contains washing machine. The bathroom was next to the laundry room. The bathroom contains toilet, shower, and washing place. The bathroom is like a long room with the washbowl in the entrance, then the shower, and the last is the toilet. On the side of the wall, there are wooden walls in the washbowl area. But, on the other side, there are walls in green and white colors.

The last room, in the corner of the house, is the bedroom. The bedroom is also has white fabric walls. The bed covered by colorful blanket with ethnic and animal patterns. There are some small decorations in this room such as a white wall’s lamp, a scooter, and a classic lamp. The white cabinet is on the side of the room. Single person or young couple is suitable for living in the box house, since this house is a small house.

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