Futuristic Dual Mode Design: Home-Office Design Idea

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The masterpiece of Remy Meijers, home-office design that placed in Vecht, merits getting attention and appreciation. The interior design of this home is simple but it has its own beauty. The furniture design is also stylish. This home-office is suitable for someone who is seeking for both home and office in one place but still wants to keep his privacy. If you want to know more about this home-office, please don’t get up from your chair and keep reading this design review.

The Combination of Home-Office Design

This home-office design idea seems like appear from the worker experience which they have to have long time trip to go home after they were tired of completing their job task in office. This home-office wants to minimalize the time that we spent for getting back to home. This home-office design is suitable for someone who does not have a lot of free time. Overall, this home-office can be divided in three part design, first is social zone home design, second is the private room design, and third is the office design.

The Office-Home Architectural Design Ideas

The social zone is a combination of the living room, open kitchen, and dining room. The living room design is so cozy. It has stylish pergola design that decorates the roof. Besides, it has large fabric sofa, unique pouf design, and soft fur rug for covering the concrete floor. The living room is also equipped with TV and fireplace. The dining space design is so artistic. It has simple design dining table but it has artistic wall mural design that placed near from the dining table. It also has beautiful bubble chandelier design. The open kitchen is small but it contains modern kitchen appliance. The workplace design is so futuristic. It has contemporary office appliance, such as iMac and unique design swivel chairs. The simple bedroom design is placed on the top floor and it is connected with first floor by metallic staircase. Overall, this home-office interior design is futuristic and elegant. You should prove it by yourself with go to this place in Vecht.

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