Gorgeous Contemporary Home with Bold Wooden Ambience

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If you are looking for contemporary home that appear different from the usual contemporary home then this is the right one. The Stonewood residential project in Northcote, Australia offers a different range of beautiful contemporary house. You can see the house looks very modest and earthy. The hose seems like entirely made from brick and wood.

But if you look closer the contemporary home design is actually not made of bricks. The overlapping exterior wall which at first looks like made from brick is actually made from wood. Yes this amazing contemporary home is made from wood. The lattice wooden fence hide out the simple garden with patio but still environment friendly with about a meter height.

At first you can see that the upper floor does not have any window and on the lower floor the window only appear a little. But it turn out that the wooden wall on the upper floor is just a camouflage and you can see some part of the wall can be open and there you can see the windows. The similar thing also appears in the lower floor. You can see the side of the wall which used to be filled with seemingly walls is can be opened and you can see the simple living room inside.

The contemporary home interior design is very bold with timber touch. From the living room you can see wooden background is actually can be slide out and you can find the shelving which is used for keeping books. When entering the kitchen area, there you will be amazed with the wooden kitchen cabinet. The wood appearance seems like it does not coated more and just using the original wooden appearance. The chevron tiles kitchen background looks amazing. The use of contemporary home design ideas of using wood is looking marvelous.

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