Impressive Interior Design with Extravagant Use of Wooden Elements

Amazing Home Interior Design With Wooden Door Frame And Black Window Frame Plus Wooden Accecories

Today we’re going to talk about apartment interior design. Living in an apartment becoming a flexible choice especially in young adult because not only the maintenance cost is fewer that actual home, they could have enough space for their own needs and practical furniture arrangement as well.

Here I have some pictures that maybe could become one apartment interior design idea. A Roominaroom, a refurbishing apartment project completed by Atmos and was located in London, England, UK. The apartment itself doesn’t really have that much space but the idea of renovating the interior without expand upwards and outwards is quite challenging. The designer had chosen to build inwards instead and the apartment design surprisingly won the 2013 UK Wood Award.

The interior wasn’t really a big deal but just a typical combination between white color scheme, glass material and wooden elements. For first information, this is a duplex apartment. The wooden element could be seen at the first level on the unique staircase design. The wooden element from staircase design used structural plywood ribs that later leads us into integrated furniture and cinematic rhythm as if we’re going to a journey inside the house.

The timber elements on this apartment are quite impressive yet complicated. For example, there are double bed nestles with cantilevered structure, sufficient legroom that will transform into a generous desk and workspace, vast storage, timber frames the glazed entry door, braches into the ceiling, cross grain walnut book matches with the bed rest, and the slender CNC –carved oak line. Each room connected by fixed wall yet always embraces the minimal volume with maximum pleasure. The idea of maximize the sense of interior spaciousness is represents by the whole apartment interior concept. So that’s it from winner apartment in London, England, hope this could be one Interior design inspiration for best home living.

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