Interesting Elegant House Design Idea in Cheerful Atmosphere

Adorable Home Interior Design With Interesting Wooden Shelve To Put TV And Classic Cd Player Plus Books

Creating cheerful atmosphere should be done, especially to pair with elegant house design. The idea of elegance is about colorful tones for various items yet in chic combination. Therefore, all decorations are seen as high quality of personal taste. Take a look at straight layout for kitchen space. It has white cabinets and drawers, which in between there is blackboard to write some witty words. Also install larger blackboard so it is considered as decorative element, instead of merely ordinary furniture.

Living room is center of idea to create marvelous elegant house design. It has wallpaper on the wall with picture of gray trees. Bicycle is hung here to save much space, along with fake deer head, crafted from paper. Gray leather armchairs are paired with wooden side table and glass table. Accessories and framed photos are put on top of side table. There is small stool to put potted indoor plant as well.

On both sides of living room, there are two doorways leading people to go to other rooms, which are sewing room and library spot. As flooring part in living room is from wooden materials, actually checkered tiles in black and white are installed to sewing room. Here, DIY plastic pots are hung to ceiling, which in turn gives green nuance from indoor plants. White chair is combined with black working desk, as well for sewing machines placed on top.

Meanwhile in reading spot, book collections are arranged inside wooden bookshelf. Provide white plush armchairs and light green side tables for maximum comfy. In bedroom, oval shelving unit is mounted to wall to store other books. Choose ivory tone for bedding area then. Wooden drawer is placed at corner, next to built-in closet. For creating marvelous elegant house design, arrange stunning carpet from rounded smaller parts, all in shadings of brown color and tones.

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