Luxurious Destination Villa: Celadon Villa

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Beach is our favorite destination to go when the summer holiday comes. We can see sunset, enjoy sunrise, play beach sands, swimming, etc. It feels like so many things to do when we are in beach. Besides of the beach beautiful view, beach also offers so many luxurious designs villa. For example, a villa that locates in Thailand named Celadon villa. Celadon villa design looks so great. Located on Koh Samui Island in Thailand, Celadon villa is surrounded by tropical forest that makes this villa more beautiful. In Celadon villa, there is pavilion that dealing directly with the sea. The pavilion is filled by brown furniture, such as brown fabric sofas and brown poufs.

Celadon Villa: Beautiful Home in Beautiful Place

The Celadon villa is equipped with infinity pool around with some pavilion and sunroom. It is also equipped with some lounge chairs on the poolside for relaxing and enjoying the landscape. The Celadon villa is composed by four bedrooms with en-suite bathroom in every room, home theatre, and dining space. The first and the second bedroom have simple double bed and canopy bed. The third and fourth bedrooms have two twin beds in every bedroom. In every bathroom is equipped with hot tub and washbasin with water tap. Celadon villa has unique home theatre design. The home theatre has half round shape room design. It contains round sofa, big flat TV, and the DVDs. The dining space looks cozy. It has teak dining table with simple chairs around. Some cutlery set and unique light are placed on the table. This makes the dining room looks warm and comfortable.

Overall, the design of this villa is so wonderful. Moreover if you see it on night, the villa will look more wonderful. If you are curious about this villa, you can look at the Celadon Villa Photos below or you can visit Koh Samui Island in Thailand.

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