Minimalist-Casual Design Apartment

Simple Bedroom Arch Lamp Chair Laminate Flooring Design

This casual apartment design that placed in Russia implements simplicity in its architectural design. This apartment is suitable for someone who has simple personality. If we look from the most common things until the most detailed thing, this apartment has no complexity in its design. The interior design is too simple. It is also dominated by natural color inside. Maybe, the only thing that has detailed pattern is the furniture design.

The Furniture and Interior Design of Apartment in Dubrovka, Russia

This apartment is built as a unitary living space design. In every room is just limited by sliding partition, but it is okay since it will still keep privacy between the householder. The sliding partition has unique design, for example, the sliding partition that is used for limiting space between the bedroom and the kitchen. The sliding partition on that space has giraffe patterned in its wall. I think this is good because it seems like it has child-friendly design. The floors in this apartment use laminate flooring design and the windows use floor-to-ceiling window design. In bedroom, we can see big size bed with simple end table design on the right and left side. There is an arch lamp that placed on the end table. The open kitchen is built in one part with the living room. The partition between kitchen and living room is just stone countertop that placed along the living room. The kitchen has medium size kitchen cabinet and kitchen island with is dominated by white. Near from kitchen, there are few floating shelves that contain fancy stuff and below floating shelves, there is small piano.

Imitating the Minimalist Design Apartment to Your Apartment

This minimalist apartment design idea is so suitable for you, if you like the simple design. Otherwise, this apartment is also suitable for you if you want to save your money. I think this apartment will be popular and it will be worth if you want to try this minimalist design apartment from now on.

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