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Elegant Living Room Fur Rug Sofa Cushion Table Laminate Flooring Chair Ideas

This house has a unique exterior home design idea and interior home design. Most of its material is dominated by wood. So, it gives natural sensation for this house. The backyard and front yard is so wide but somehow it looks barren. Perhaps, this is because the garden does not have a lot of plants. The front yard is used for parking lot. It seems can keep lots of cars in there. If we want to go inside, we have to pass labyrinth design that made from wood in the front yard. This is an amazing design. The backyard serves a view of outdoor pool. Near from pool, there is large patio with a few of large sofas and cozy arm chairs that suitable for enjoying day and night. Round shape of decorative lights is put on the wooden table for beautifying the space.

The living room design idea is so wonderful. This is because of the furniture design idea in there. This room has soft fur rug that placed below sofas and table for covering the laminate flooring. The living room looks artistic because of the presence of artistic wall mural. The living room is equipped with simple fireplace. So, we don’t have to worry about being cold in winter. The lighting in this room is so great because of the presence of the wide windows those make sunlight easier to come in.

In the center of house, there is unique staircase design. The staircase is unique because it is made into one pair. The placement of the staircase is divided in two parts. First, it is placed on the right and second it is placed on the left. In the middle of staircase, there is a library that consists of two big bookshelves. The most interesting part in library is the cute lamp that hanging above desk. The lamp is so eye-catching.

If we move to the other room, we have to pass the artistic corridor design. The artistic term refers to the artistic wall mural that placed along the corridor wall. The simple descriptions for this house are cozy, elegant, and artistic.

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