Outstanding Modern House Design in Seattle, Washington, USA

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I think one of the most using house designs is modern house design. It is the representation of design development and the developing taste of people. If we talk about modern house design, I have a great example of perfect modern house design for you. Let us take a look at this stunning modern house design. I think it will be hard to compare this wonderful modern house design with any other design style. This creative modern house design is all about achieving beauty through simplicity and the designer has successfully created simple yet so beautiful modern house design for us to look at.

Modern House Design; Architectural Beauty

This perfect modern house design is called Aurea Residence and it is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. The outer part of this superb modern house design is manufactured by using concrete in collaboration with wood and steel material. This incredible modern house design is equipped with few glass windows so the people inside can easily see outside scenery. The architectural design of this house is so simple. It is simple rectangular shape, but somehow the simplicity of the design makes this house so beautiful. I think the architectural design of this house can be such a great example for everybody.

Modern House Design; Interior Design Creation

The perfection of this house can also be seen in the interior design creation. Clean line modern design furniture and appliance combine with simple and minimalist design to form the interior design. I think the designer successfully created this interior design because there are some cases when modern design look dull and bored, but not this one because this one is absolutely perfect.

That was little discussion about modern house design and its beauty. I believe that there are a lot of other gorgeous modern house designs that you can find for your references, but if you want the perfect one, this house is one of them. Aurea Residence modern house design is gorgeous and it has all the requirements that need to become a perfect modern house design.

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