Beautiful Interior Combining Modern Kitchen Design With Rustic Living Room

Classic Contemporary Kitchen in the Residence

The contemporary residence is usually has the contemporary kitchen as well. The kitchen is one of the important places in the house, so the design for the kitchen is important too. In the residence in Barcelona, Spain, there is a contemporary house that has a problem with the kitchen design. So, the owner asks Nook Architects to design the kitchen and Nook Architects come out with the Casa ROC project….

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Cozy Living Room Design Interior With Traditional Fireplace Elegant Sofa Cushion Fur Rug And Wood Beam Ceiling Table Lamp Chandelier Arch Lamp Plus Simple Furniture And Curtain

Stunning Winter Chalet with Bold Nature Touch and Warm Ambience

When you are looking for vacation in the end of the year then this winter chalet which is located in south-western Switzerland is a perfect holiday destination. The luxurious winter chalets are something you must consider to stay on. The beautiful appearance of bold masculine looks with elegant touch is really great. It surely welcoming you after all day visiting the snow and playing ski outside. The winter chalet design…

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Minimalist Bathroom With Grey Stone Like Tile Flooring And Glass Shower Also Wood Vanity Also White Bathtubs With Tile Wall Decor

Private L-Shaped House Surrounded by Nature Environment

There is a private L-shaped house called La Sentinelle, located near Lac de la Cabane Lake, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Canada. This house was designed by Naturehumaine; this house offers a beautiful view from nature environment and forest around the house. The main point of this house is the unique shape, the L-shaped, and the nature environment from the house. People will get relax atmosphere if they’re living on this house. Look at…

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Beautiful House With Glass Walls And Modern Interior Lighting Also Natural Outdoor View

Spacious Unique Residence with Green Garden

There is a unique residence in Chicureo, Chile, called Casa Hacienda de Chicureo. This house was designed by Raimundo Anguito and finished in 2007. This two story house is spacious living place with spacious lawn, and beautiful garden. The designers use open-living space concept for the first floor, and private area for the second floor. Look at the picture! That is the spacious and private residence. From the start, this…

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Rustic Night Stand And Wood Floor Plus Green Bedding Decor

Extraordinary the Box House in Small Space

Matryoshka is the box house that located in Turin, Italy. This house is a project from UdA, Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa. The two designers were trying to design a complete living place in small box shape house. With minimalist design, modern furniture, and saving space concept, the designers are success to design this house. That picture is showing you the living room of the house. The box house design…

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Modern White House With 4story Design Surround With Apartment And Housing Area

Luxurious Bright House Design with Unique Shape

In building a modern home living design, there are many interesting things that are able to make the home plan design has a better look, Bright House Design. The house design will be so amazing and very nice to be equipped with the existence of a very modern and striking white painting idea in the house exterior design. In the house exterior design, there is the existence of the best…

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