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Modern Library Chair Floating Shelf Ideas

Fashionable Apartment Design by Blu Water Studio

The residence that placed in Kuala Lumpur has fashionable apartment design idea. Blu Water Studio had been really great to combine the urban style and fashion design in one apartment design. This apartment looks so luxurious. I wonder how much its rent cost. Even though it really looks expensive but I think it is worthy since this apartment has a good view. If you look at this apartment, I bet…

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Modern Open Kitchen Bedroom Living Space Design

Minimalist-Casual Design Apartment

This casual apartment design that placed in Russia implements simplicity in its architectural design. This apartment is suitable for someone who has simple personality. If we look from the most common things until the most detailed thing, this apartment has no complexity in its design. The interior design is too simple. It is also dominated by natural color inside. Maybe, the only thing that has detailed pattern is the furniture…

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Elegant Bathroom Washbowl Mirror Bathtub Shower Faucet Pendant Lamp Design

Amazing Modern Chic Apartment Design

Living in modern chic apartment maybe this is good idea. You can get the comfortable and get the sensation when you are living in best apartment and maybe you can get the prestige with that. Modern Chic Apartment in New York Related to this situation, as we know that New York City has the modern and has glamorous touch in life style includes the place for living. There are some…

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Simple Bedroom Table Arch Lamp Fur Rug Design

Cathedral Ceiling Apartment in Vancouver

This apartment looks luxury outside and sophisticated inside. The exterior design idea is appeared from the view of the cathedral exterior design. The apartment interior design also follows cathedral concept with the utilization of cathedral ceiling design. This apartment uses floor-to-ceiling window design and arched window design to decorate the wall. This apartment seems like suitable for someone who likes the atmosphere in cathedral. If you want to feel the…

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Simple Modern Bathroom Mirror Faucet Washstand Design

Sensational Modern Apartment with Beautiful View

If you are living in modern apartment and then support with beautiful view in around it is absolutely wonderful experience. You can get the sensation and pleasure every day in your home with that. Well, in one of apartment design in Rio de Janeiro Brazil has the fantastic design and then combined with the gorgeous landscaping. Modern Apartment Interior and Exterior Design Related to this situation, if you are looking…

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Modern Dining Room Pendant Lamp Sofa Chair Dining Table Laminate Flooring Ideas

Creative Apartment Design Ideas in Spain

Long time we see many apartment design ideas that only matches for adult taste. The elegant apartment design, luxurious apartment design, minimalist apartment design are one of adult taste in apartment. Refreshing apartment design that matches for youth is very rare. Nevertheless, there is one of it in Spain. I think the Architect were so creative. I love how this apartment shows its beauty in a different way that matches…

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