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Simple Backyard Design Ideas

Private Residence in Paracas Bay

Paracas Bay is located on Ica region, southern Peru. Paracas Bay has beautiful scenery. Though it looks so natural with the beautiful scenery around, Paracas Bay has modern residence design. The modern private residence is named Casa Paracas. Envisioned by RRMR Arquitectos, Casa Paracas shows contemporary home design in the middle of sandy beach. Using floor-to-ceiling windows, the Casa Paracas interior looks shining and bright. Casa Paracas building is made…

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Modern Natural Corridor Design Ideas

Beautiful Bronte House in Australia

Bronte House is a beautiful contemporary home design that located in Sydney, Australia. The home that was completed in 2012 was a creative project of Rolf Ockert Design, an Australian Architectural firm. The home is surrounded by the beautiful view of the ocean and the blue sky. The main architectural design idea of this home as the Architect said is “The client approached us to create house of their dreams…

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Modern Home Back View Design Ideas

Contemporary Farmhouse in Switzerland

This house is a conversion of farm house. It combines contemporary home design to the old style of farm house. The house is located on Genf, Switzerland. This house is a masterpiece of arttesa interior design. Though the exterior looks old because of agricultural impression of the past still remain, the interior design has contemporary and outstanding design. Farmhouse in Switzerland: Architectural Design Idea Farmhouse in Switzerland has sophisticated architectural…

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Modern Corridor View Living Space Sofa Design Ideas

F White House in Kashiwa, Japan

F White is a name for contemporary home design that located in Kashiwa, on northern-western Chiba, Japan. The home is a creative project of Japanese architectural firm, Takuro Yamamoto Architects. The home was completed in 2009. The home measures 1,313 square feet. Takuro Yamamoto Architects said on his website “F-WHITE is an independent one-storied residence with a courtyard for a single family. As this site could not be subdivided into…

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Modern Living Room Fire Place Fur Rug Sofa Ideas

Villa Bemmel by Maxim Winkelaar and Bob Ronday

Villa Bemmel is a private residence that located in Bemmel, The Netherlands. The villa design is a design combination of two famous Architects; there are Maxim Winkelaar and Bob Ronday. The construction of the villa took over three years, from 2007 until 2010. The villa design took minimalist home design so that the villa looks clean, elegant, and simple. The villa implemented technological sophistication to the design. As Maxim Winkelaar…

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Modern Dining Room Dining Table Chair Living Room Arm Chair Fireplace Ideas

Ridge House in USA

Ridge House is a private residence in USA that located in the middle of lush forest. The house is located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA. The home is a 2013 project of GriD Architects. GriD Architects said on their website “Designed for a painter and an art historian, this 1,200 square foot house sits along a linear promontory overlooking the Potomac River. Its organization strings the more private program…

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Elegant Living Space Fur Rug Sofa Cushion Table Chest Of Drawer Design

Spanish Oaks Residence

Spanish Oaks Residence is a contemporary home design that located in Austin, Texas. It is a project of Cornerstone Architects, an architectural firm from Texas. The home is large and bright with high roof that makes smooth air circulation. The Cornerstone Architects said about this project “This soft contemporary home was uniquely designed to evoke a coastal design feeling while maintaining a Hill Country style native to its environment. The…

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