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Elegant Living Room Sofa Cushion Carpet Arm Sofa Pendant Lamp Dining Table Design

Luxurious Hotel in Beverly Hills

Have you ever heard about Beverly Hills? I bet the first word that comes from your mouth if you hear about Beverly Hills is “luxury”. As we know Beverly Hills is a well-known place where stars or Hollywood stars live. This gives impact for the architectural building design in there. It is not only how great the residence in there, but also how luxurious Beverly Hills hotel design. One of…

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Modern Bathroom Bathtub Mirror Washstand Ideas

Clash of Traditional and Contemporary Architectural Design on Canada Villa

My first impression to this villa is this villa seems like diamond. It has beautiful lighting design that similar with a diamond. The villa is designed with the blend of traditional-contemporary villa design. Sometimes it serves a view of traditional design beauty and another time is serves a view of contemporary design beauty. The outdoor view has detailed design. The outdoor pool design has contemporary detail when the footpath has…

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Modern Bar Bar Table Wooden Floor Bar Stool Design

Amsterdam Four Stars Fletcher Hotel

The Amsterdam Fletcher Hotel has unique, extravagant exterior and interior design. With four stars rating, the Amsterdam Fletcher Hotel offers us with the beauty architectural design in urban city. The hotel is officially opened to public on 11 January 2013. Since it is a new hotel, it is really good to get four stars rating. The Architects, Kolenik eco-chic-design, is really good at combining sustainable materials. We can feel both…

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Modern Living Space Arm Chair Sliding Glass Door Carpet Ideas

Contemporary Wooden House in Austria

The residence that locates on the places with natural beauty usually has sustainable home design idea. As usual, that home is built using wood, glass, and stone material. This also applies for Haus Wiesenhof that located near from mountain and hills in Austria. Haus Wiesenhof is a sustainable house that is build using 75% rustic material for the building material. Gogl Architekten was a Haus Wiesenhof Architects. This house was…

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Simple House Front Yard Facade Design

Gorgeous Lodge Design Idea; Lodge No 2 in Sweden

I believe that having a nice lodge design would become a great privilege for anybody. As we all know that now we are all facing space problem and beautiful lodge design is right now just a dream for everybody. So, if you ware including into few chosen people that have the privilege to have a gorgeous lodge design, I think you have to be grateful for that privilege. Now there…

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Simple Resort Front View Design

Natural Design Casas na Areia Resort in Portugal

Casas na Areia Resort in Portugal is the right place for you, if you want to get relaxation in small & faraway place like in small village. The Architect of this resort is Manuel Aires Mateus. The Casas na Areia Resort is designed using two themes. The first one is old theme that is set for its exterior & interior design. The second one is contemporary theme that is set…

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Modern Open Kitchen Laminate Flooring Chair Kitchen Cabinet Sliding Glass Door Design

Minimalist-Casual Design Apartment

This casual apartment design that placed in Russia implements simplicity in its architectural design. This apartment is suitable for someone who has simple personality. If we look from the most common things until the most detailed thing, this apartment has no complexity in its design. The interior design is too simple. It is also dominated by natural color inside. Maybe, the only thing that has detailed pattern is the furniture…

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  Wedding Of Princess Madeleine And Mr Christopher O'Neil In Stockholm

Colorful Apartment Interior for Apartment in Gustavsberg

The apartment that located in Gustavsberg has stunning apartment design. The colorful apartment interior that decorates the apartment adds bright impression to the flat. The interior decorator was Mood House Ltd, an interior design studio based on Gothenburg. The interior decorator is designed the apartment based on the customer expectation. The apartment design idea is inspired by Scandinavian design with adding focus on the details. This apartment is perfectly suitable…

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Simple Terrace Design Cofee Table Rattan Chair Sofabed Decoration

The Perfect Angsana Velavary Hotel Design in Maldives

Maldives is one of the most famous tourism destinations in the world and great hotel design is surely one thing that you can easily find in this country. Last summer, I went to this country and I stay in a superb hotel design in one of their island and I found that this hotel might be one of the best hotel designs that I have ever stayed. The surrounding scenery…

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Elegant Kitchen Bar Stool Wooden Material Design

Sparkling Kitchen Design Idea

One of the busy places at home is the kitchen. Beside of its busiest place, the kitchen is also considered to be the place that is not neat. Nevertheless, this sparkling kitchen design seems like reject all of the bad assumptions of the kitchen. The architectural design is so wonderful. It reminds me of wonderland in animation world. No wonder if this kitchen design may be well-known in household. Classy…

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