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Modern Living Space Book Shelf Rocking Chair Carpet Ideas

Minimalist Home Design: House GePo

House GePo is a minimalist residence that located in Wijgmaal, Belgium. This house is a creative project of OYO – Open Y Officce, a Belgian Architectural Firm. The house was completed in 2012. It measures 1,938 square feet. Here are brief descriptions about this home by the Architects’ website, “This OYO story takes you to Wijgmaal, where a single family house is conceived as a place without boundaries. Due to…

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Modern Living Room Sofa Fireplace Table Lamp Ideas

Modern unique residence

This house has a unique exterior home design idea and interior home design. Most of its material is dominated by wood. So, it gives natural sensation for this house. The backyard and front yard is so wide but somehow it looks barren. Perhaps, this is because the garden does not have a lot of plants. The front yard is used for parking lot. It seems can keep lots of cars…

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Modern Living Room Arch Lamp Sofa Cushion Carpet Arm Chair Table Ideas

Casa LR Minimalist in Texas

Casa LR or Casa Westway is a minimalist residence that located in McAllen, Texas. The home was designed by LRSTUDIO. It was completed in 2012. The home measures 3124.84 square feet with built in a plot measuring 13,333 square feet. A brief description about this home by the Architects: “Casa Westway is a house that was built in the late 50’s in the downtown of McAllen Tx. The house is…

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Modern Home Back Yard Back View Design

Modern House Design in Melbourne by Nic Owen Architects

This house is well-known around people with name “Kew House”. Located in one of famous city in Australia, this house really fits with the environment of the Melbourne modern city. Envisioned by a team of junior Architects, this house brings fresh design from the creative Architects. Kew House Design is wonderful. It uses geometric home design for its exterior. Most of the Kew house wall is covered by glass. So,…

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