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Modern Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen Island Wooden Floor Bar Stool Design

The Lovely Apartment of Old Growth

Old Growth is a short-term rental apartment that has standard minimum of stay for 7 days. The apartment is located in Soho, Manhattan, New York. As we know, Soho is well known for florescent neighborhood with fashionable boutiques and high-end shops. Also, the private residence in Soho is well known for its beauty and luxury. Therefore, living in Soho is such a right choice for showing classy style. The apartment…

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White Chest Of Drawer Flat Television Decoration

Brilliant Black and White Interior Design

The decoration of interior design our home or apartment is very important and if you want your interior design has something modern and elegant you can use black and white interior. You can choose black and white color to get the elegant touch and make your home feel comfortable with that design. Black and White Interior in Tokyo Related to this situation, living in apartment for this modernization is common…

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Traditional House Marble Wall Front View Design Ideas

Foxground Farmhouse in Australia

Foxground Farmhouse is a contemporary private residence in Australia. The home is precisely located in Bowral, New South Wales, Australia. This home is an innovative home design from an Australian Architectural firm, Roth Architecture. The home has warm and elegant atmosphere with its rustic and industrial design combination. Roth Architects said about this home in their website “Set in the south country of NSW, Foxground Farmhouse involved the incorporation and…

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Modern Stairs Pendant Lamp Wall Light Design

Simple but Classy Home Design

The Bedroom Architectural Design of Hilary Unger Masterpiece This home emphasizes simple theme home design from beyond view. The main room was built on top of pre-existing home. There is wooden staircase that connecting the main room and pre-existing home. The staircase is equipped with steel banister that has gold-like color giving simple but classy style impression. Even though this home looks simple outside, but it is really luxurious inside….

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