Unique Contemporary House Design in Vorarlberg, Austria

Front View Modern Home Design

I know that there are a lot of contemporary house designs that you can see all over the world, but this outstanding contemporary house design is different, it is coming with something unique, something that any other houses don’t have. This superb contemporary house design is created to achieve highest beauty and I think the designer of this stunning contemporary house design has successfully done it. If you see the perfection of this house by yourself, I think you will agree that this house can be such a great example of how perfect contemporary house design should be created and formed.

Contemporary House Design; Architectural Creation

This Unique contemporary house design is located in Vorarlberg, Austria. The designer of this wonderful contemporary house design called it House Gulm. This house is most ly manufactured by using brick, steel and glasses. This house is equipped with big glass windows to give the people inside direct access to surrounding scenery. For your information, this house is manufactured in the edge of the forest, which is why it has amazing surrounding scenery. The perfect combination of location and architectural creation has made this house become one of the most beautiful contemporary house designs that I have ever seen.

Contemporary House Design; Interior Uniqueness

Simplicity is the identity of this house interior design creation, but I found a unique stone pillar in the inside of the house and this unique stone pillar is the thing that makes this house one of a kind. It is kind of different with the surrounding design environment where it fulfill with wooden minimalist interior design creation, but I think that is what intended by the designer, to add something different so the space will looks more unique.

That was little discussion about contemporary house design and I think this house, whether the architectural or interior creation, can be such a great example for all of us. Unique contemporary house design is something that not easy to make, but this House Gulm’s designer has successfully create it.

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