Unique House in Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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Unique House Design is always encouraging and interesting. The best thing about unique house is how the house can bring various fresh ideas in different style. One of the unique houses is Vi-Sang House that located on Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Envisioned by Architects Moon Hoon, the house is designed in creative ways. This house is a 2011 project of Moon Hoon Architects. Vi-Sang House measures 10,775 square foot. The home exterior is dominated by black and white and it leaves the home interior with white color design.

Vi-Sang House: Unique Architectural Design

Vi-Sang house has unique architectural design. It is designed with sloping roof along the house. Vi-Sang house features the arrangement of small to large windows that make the house looks like the showcase. Vi-Sang house is composed by two floors. The first floor is composed by family room, kitchen, living room, and deck. The second room is composed by baby’s room, home cinema, and bedrooms. In the first floor we can see fresh shelf decorating idea that decorates the living room. The long sofa is placed below the shelf for bringing comfort in this living room. The wood staircase with glass banister is designed not flashy by place it on the corner of the first floor. The home cinema in second floor is designed simple. It is placed near from the staircase and it only has simple sofa, sound system, and projector. When night comes, Vi-Sang house becomes more beautiful and fascinating because of the small windows design.

Vi-Sang House: Creative Inspiration for Your Modern house

Being unique is not really bad. Most of the people love unique things because it brings nice sensation when you are different from others. Vi-Sang house offers unique and rare architectural design. It is a good choice for you if you like the unique and rare thing. If you want to know more about how unique this house, you can look at the Vi-Sang House photos below.

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