Unique Residence in Brasilia, Brazil

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This unique residence design is named Copaiba Residence. Envisioned by architectural firm in Brazil “Macedo, Gomes, & Sobreira”, the construction of Copaiba Residence was finished in 2013. Copaiba Residence measures 3,552 square foot. It was built on L-shape design. Surrounded by Copaiba trees and cerrado vegetation, Copaiba Residence has refreshing view. It is such a creative inspiration by Brazilian Architects.

Copaiba Residence: Harmony in Contemporary Design

Copaiba Residence is composed by two floors. There are the ground floor and the first floor. The ground floor is designed with L-shape block. So, it allows the open kitchen, dining space, and living room to connect with the cerrado vegetation through long terrace that sweep along the space. This residence uses 75% wooden material for its building material. So, the interior is dominated by brown. Also, the house uses floor-to-ceiling square window and sliding door which make the interior looks bright. The ground floor, especially the terrace looks cozy. Perhaps it is because of some hanging day beds that hanging on the building pillars. The second floor has prismatic block that makes living room has double height. As a result, the prismatic block connects living room visually to the multimedia space and library in upstairs. The first floor guardrails are designed as bookshelves for the library. So, the book arrangement & bookshelves can be decoration for the house.

Copaiba Residence Design for Your Home Design

Copaiba Residence design idea can be copied for our home inspiration. Your home will look fresh and fancy if you use this residence design. Otherwise, you can copy this home interior design, such as the prismatic block or the bookshelves guardrails, for beautify your home interior design.

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