Urban City Apartment Design: The Perfection of Pad 67 Apartment

Beautiful Modern Living Room In The Apartment With Sofa Glass Table And Lovely Sofa Bed Design

Living in urban city is not about living in modernization, but it is also about living in harmony with the culture of urban society. One of the urban society culture is the apartment design. Apartment design for urban city emphasize its simplicy besides its easy way to socialize.

One of the apartment that has adopted this modern urban apartment design principles is Pad 67 by Dillon Chen.Pad 67 is a beautiful apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan. This apartment is a remodel of five small bedroom apartment into two spacious bedroom and one guest room with open floor plan apartment design idea. The social area in this apartment is consisted of living room, dining space, and kitchen with bar that merge into one spacious social space. The living room is designed simple with just put few furniture in there. There are sofas, pouf, and glass table. What makes the living room looks stunning is the detailed ceiling and wall. One side wall (the wall behind the TV) is consisted of dark glass and has built in TV cabinet that consisted of frosted glass cabinet doors. The dining room is not designed too much. It just has glass dining table and custom chairs. The kitchen and bar is arranged to has minimalist kitchen and bar design. The kitchen and bar is small, but looks spacious. The bar table has furnished plastic laminate tabletop that makes this bar looks stunning.

The more private area is consisted of home office space and bedroom. The home office space is separated from social area by glazed wall. The home office is equipped with unique bookshelf that filled by many books, glass desk, and one set of Samsung’s computer. The bedroom is separated by other spaces by wooden partition with door. The inner bedroom wall is decorated with wall decal. Wall decal design idea takes the picture of dancing people. The bedroom is equipped with walk in closet, desk, and vanity. Walk in closet is separated from bedroom by flipped wooden partition.

The lighting of Pad apartment uses recessed lighting for all the spaces. The combination of interior design and lighting makes the Pad apartment is filled with cherry atmosphere. If you are interested in this stunning apartment design ideas, you can see the detail from the picture below.

Beautiful Modern Wooden Partition Design

Lovely Modern Dining Room And Kitchen In The Apartment With Glass Table Chair White Kitchen Cabinet And Kitchen Island

Lovely Modern Kitchen Design In The Apartment With Bar Table Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen Island And Bar Stool

Lovely Modern Living Room And Kitchen Desigb In The Apartment With Sofa Bed Kitchen Cabinet And Kitchen Island Design

Lovely Modern Living Room In The Apartment With Sofa Glass Table Recessed Lighting And Built In Tv Cabinet Design

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