White Modern House Architecture by Haberstroh Schneider

Amazing Architecture Home Design Ideas With Awesome Swimming Pool Surrounding By Oak Wood Floor And Beautiful Garden With Big Trees

This great day will make you feel awesome because we provide some pictures of the modern house architecture. Through these pictures you can get clearly reference about modern home. In addition, we provide interior and exterior house appearances. They give perfect information right? Anyway, you will see the appearance of project which is usually called Haus von Arx. This project is proudly designed by famous architect Haberstroh Schneider. Do you feel curious to see these pictures here? Please see them right now.

Let’s see the appearance of exterior and interior house pictures. The house is designed white wall and some glass transparent windows. These windows are designed with black window frame. Then, there are some white stepping paths near the house. This house has the swimming pool also. It is perfect living place. The pool has natural view which comes from the trees around the house. You can feel fresh air in this place. It is good addition for modern house architecture plans.

Then, see the appearance of dining room. This dining room is designed with some furniture designs. You can see black chairs and black armchairs in this room. They are arranged around the wooden table. The furniture designs here stand on the oak flooring. This room has glass window which displays pool view. You can enjoy pool view while enjoy the meal. Anyway, this window is covered by white curtain.

See the library now. This library is designed with one white bookcase. It is tall bookcase. So, you need a ladder to reach the books in the high place. There are some books which are putted in that bookcase. You can show off your book collection in this bookcase. This room has windows. It helps you to find the books easily. The modern house architecture designs in this house are so useful.

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